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Empower Your SEM Team (part 2 of 2)

Give your SEM team the resources it needs to succeed.

There will be a few key resources you can provide your SEM team which will make the difference between a successful campaign and doomed campaign. The notion of growing a campaign doesn’t all just come from best practices and general knowledge. The optimum way to grow your account is going to be through plenty of testing.

Your Web Designers will play a key part in facilitating the tests.

The biggest needle mover will come from improving your conversion rate. Testing your landing page and conversion funnel will have the biggest impact on your CR. You have two options in testing your website.

First, you can have your web designers create the test based on your SEM team’s recommendations. It’s important to note that you’re using your SEM team’s recommendations because web designers tend to create more aesthetically pleasing pages, while SEM managers are strictly focused on a direct response goal.

The second option is to use a 3rd party tool, this will allow your SEM team to quickly build out landing pages to test without needing too much* assistance from your web designers (*will still need some assistance implementing tracking scripts). For 3rd party landing page tools, I recommend using Optimizely or Unbounce. These 3rd party tools will have some limitations on what you can and can’t test, but are a great work around for companies with limited web designer resources.

Another resource that can get overlooked frequently is customer feedback.

Syncing your Sales and Customer Service Reps with your SEM team can have great results. Sales and CSRs have key insights to what your customers’ needs and pain points are. A good SEM team can use this to better target and message your audience.

A client I worked with had a great competitive advantage on price, so naturally that was a major call out in our ad copy. However, after talking to the clients CSRs and hearing their feedback on how customers didn’t care about the price, but were more concerned with speed and quantity of the leads they would receive. I decided to run a test without the price points and speak directly to those points, speed and quantity. Below are the results of our AB test we ran on our ad copy:

We were able to increase traffic by 30%, and doubled our sales! These are the types of wins that are possible when you have your SEM team fully integrated with the rest of your team.



Orlando Valencia

Orlando Valencia

Orlando Valencia is a search engine marketing veteran with over eight years of experience. Orlando currently helps clients expand their online marketing efforts via Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Web Analytics.


#SEM #ClientRelationships #ABTest

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