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Expanding Google Search Ads

AdWords will be launching a new beta designed to enhance the mobile search experience. The Expanded Text Ads will be designed to maximize your presence on the mobile SERP. The new format can increase the size of your ad copy by nearly 50%.

New Expanded Text Ads:

  • Two headlines with 30 character limits each.

  • A singular description line with an 80 character limit.

  • No more display URL, instead it will automatically pull the domain from the Final URL

  • Optional: Enhanced display URL with two path fields (15 character limit each).

What will this look like:

Next Steps:

This will be the biggest change coming to the Adwords ads format in the past 15 years, which coincides with mobile search volume finally overtaking desktop last year. The new format is planned to eventually be rolled out to everyone as the new official format by end of year.

This is currently a closed beta, but you can contact your Google Rep to see when you might be able to get in the next round of testing.

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